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this is a blog mainly focused to sand collectors and people that want to start this kind of collection, as well for those that during the years picked up sand and soil from places where they`ve been and they didn`t imagine that a lots of people DOES collect that kind of stuff ...
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Some sands for trade

Soon i`ll design a better tradelist with most of the sands i have to trade...
Sunday, May 14, 2006

USA Sands

Thanks to some US collectors i do have samples from most of the states, just check it out .
Hawaii doesn`t show up in the photo, but i do have sand from there, probably not the samples i wanted but i do have :).

Green sand available???

Foz do Lizandro 2

Another photo from Foz do Lizandro.
It`s a quite good surf spot since it has beach and reef breaks.
Very dangerous when red flagged. Posted by Picasa

Where i come from...

I live in Ericeira, a small village 55km north of Lisbon.
This photo was taken in Foz do Lizandro beach that`s located 3,5km south of Ericeira.
It`s the best beach to go during the summer because it`s a huge beach and it`s only crowded in a small part.

Main problem... parking. If you want to go there during the summer just take a walk. Posted by Picasa

Azores - Portugal

Another beach sample that was collected in Riviera beach, in Terceira Island which is in the Azores archipelag. Posted by Picasa

Microscopic Sand Photos

This beach sample was collected in Nampula, Mozambique.

All photos by Loes Modderman Posted by Picasa
Friday, May 12, 2006

First Post

Hi @ll,
This it´s just a kind of a test...
Since my time is short and my knowledge in web design limited ... blog was the solution ... so, here i am.

I do hope to have some time to post some things over here, mainly my trade list.

Of course i`m also counting with your skills to post interesting subjects about the sand collection and other stuff that people that collect sand have also interest on.

Just a quick note to Setki and Frank ... your knowledge in this web design stuff will be highly appreciated :)

Ok... this was just a test... a short one ... i`ll get back to you soon... happy sand collecting to ya all !!!

PS - thanks to the photographer, hope he doesn`t mind :)

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